Costa Sports Logos: Alternate AFL and NRL sportslogos and footy jumpers

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Anthony Costa is a writer, designer and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. These alternate AFL and NRL football graphics are inspired by his love of heritage sports logos and uniforms. Got a comment or design project? Email Anthony at [email protected].

Interview with's Rob Meredith

Nov 8, 2011


afl teams

Arguably no one has done more to archive over 100 years of Aussie rules jumpers than Rob Meredith, the creator of the brilliant It's a fascinating and sorely needed graphic history of the Australian game. A man with a keen eye for what makes a classic jumper and a healthy distrust of the Illustrator Gradient Tool, Rob...

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Interview with The Sports Design Blog's Steven Little

Sep 22, 2011


georgia tech

There's a whole community of great designers on the web who are helping record the history of sports design. One of my favourites is The Sports Design Blog run by Steven Little. For us sports nuts and graphic geeks his site's a fantastic reference tool and a critical...

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AFL Media and The Final Story

Sep 22, 2011


AFL Media

I just caught the last episode of The Final Story, the four part series chronicling some of the VFL/AFLs greatest Grand Finals. This was the episode that looked back on the 1991 Grand Final and made headlines on the back of Brereton's public contrition over his racial abuse of Chris Lewis...

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Classic Brisbane Rugby League Logos

Sep 15, 2011


fortitude valley diehards

Came across a great YouTube clip found by Broncomum which takes a nostelgic look at the old Brisbane Rugby League comp pre-Broncos.

Unless you were there you'll probably never really get what this league meant to Brisbane and how much passion it sparked. But it looked like a whole lot of...

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A Trip to NY Giants Stadium

Sep 5, 2011


ny giants stadium

Saw my very first live NFL game last week on a business trip to NY. It was my first ever trip to the Big Apple, and I'd timed it perfectly to take in my first ever tropical hurricane. After two days stranded in my hotel room surviving off $5 minibar Mars bars and ESPN's blanket coverage of Major League Lacrosse and the Little League World Series I was just about ready to swim to New Jersey to...

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The best ever rugby league logos?

Aug 8, 2011


north sydney bears

During the 80s the NSWRL was streets ahead of its rival codes when it came to the presentation of the game. My favourite rugby league logos come from this era. Bold, simple and strong, I love their ferociousness and no-frills earnestness.

These are some of my favourites... what are yours? (Thanks to Australian Rugby...

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Interview with NFL Designer Mark Verlander

Jul 24, 2011


atlanta falcons logo

Steve from The Sports Design Blog has sat down for an interview with Mark Verlander who is responsible for some of the sharpest logos in the NFL, including the excellent Atlanta Falcons redesign. It's always great to hear pros talk about about the industry from the inside, and seeing how they go about presenting their ideas is...

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Who nailed it?: Winnipeg Jets vs Brisbane Bombers

Jul 23, 2011


new winnipeg jets logo

Two recently released pro sports logos, both with an aviation theme. Who got it right?

First up the recently announced return of the Winnipeg Jets to the NHL. Drawing on a fighter jet theme, their primary logo above is a crisp contemporary design that cleverly aligns itself with the Royal Canadian Air Force. But is it a bit too sterile? Has cleverness come at the expense of excitement...

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The Brisbane Bombers: What's in a (brand)name?

Jul 14, 2011


brisbane bombers

So it's official. The Brisbane 2 NRL bid consortium for the new NRL license that might/might not be available by 2014 (assuming we have that shiny new NRL independent commission in place by then) will be known as the Brisbane Bombers.

Predictably the announcement has descended into yet another tedious pissing contest between NRL and AFL sectarian loyalists over the rights to use the...

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Where to for West Coast?

Jul 5, 2011


westcoast eagles

Came across a great image archive showing the hstory of the West Coast Eagles Juper over at a Big Footy forum:

Got me thinking about Where West Coast's visual branding is at. They've busied up the logo, they've fiddled with the jumper... is the end result better than what they started with?

I was alwas a...

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