Costa Sports Logos: Alternate AFL and NRL sportslogos and footy jumpers

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Anthony Costa is a writer, designer and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. These¬†alternate AFL and NRL football graphics are inspired by his love of heritage sports logos and uniforms. Got a comment or design project? Email Anthony at [email protected].


Chris Cremer's

The ultimate US sports logo archive. Cremer is the king!

An incredible gold mine of sports logos from around the world. The image quality varies, there's a ton off stuff here you'll find nowhere else.

Mero's famous Aussie Rules football jumper archive. The most comprehensive online history of AFL/VFL uniforms and logos going around.

Australian Rugby League Logos

Great collection of First Grade Rugby League logos from the NRL, NSWRL, Super League and representative football.

Thomas Harvey's Marbold font

This is a digital adaptation of the Marvin font used in the Victorain Football League's 1976 club shield logos. As used in my folio's title and main menu.

Tasmanian Rugby League

Hooked up with the Tasmanian Rugby League to modernise their logo. Taking the game to the grass-roots in the Apple Isle.

World Footy News

Dedicated to the surprising growth of Aussie Rules around the globe. I revamped the banner artwork for these guys.

Bigfooty VFL shield tutorial

Create your own classic 70's VFL club shield.

The Joe Bosack Graphic Design Co.

See how the pros do it... Joe's created a bunch of logos for elite US sports teams. A genuinely good guy as well.

Plan B. Sports Branding

Terrific story of Casey & Jason, a couple of baseball nuts who started a studio by sending logo proposals to every minor league team on the map. Now they're designing for the Majors! Great article about them here, and visit their blog: The Clink Room.


Ice hockey design and fan art site. Lots of good concepts and some quite polished execution.

The Sports Design Blog

Great blog by a teacher and sports nut with an eye on onfield graphic design

Verlander Design

Mark Verlander has designed a stack of logos for the NFL icluding the excellent Atlanta Falcons redesign.

Fraser Davidson Sport Identity

Fraser Davidson has one of the best sports logo folios going around. Amazing work... check out his fantastic tutorials too.

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