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Anthony Costa is a writer, designer and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. These¬†alternate AFL and NRL football graphics are inspired by his love of heritage sports logos and uniforms. Got a comment or design project? Email Anthony at [email protected].

Who nailed it?: Winnipeg Jets vs Brisbane Bombers

July 23, 2011


new winnipeg jets logo

Two recently released pro sports logos, both with an aviation theme. Who got it right?

First up the recently announced return of the Winnipeg Jets to the NHL. Drawing on a fighter jet theme, their primary logo above is a crisp contemporary design that cleverly aligns itself with the Royal Canadian Air Force. But is it a bit too sterile? Has cleverness come at the expense of excitement and emotion? And more to the point, should we be cool with sporting teams celebrating warfare in this way? War, what is it good for? A hockey logo? (Great recent article by Ed Wyatt on this touchy topic.)

winnipeg jets logo
New Winnipeg Jets logo - Alternate

newest jets
New Winnipeg Jets logo - Script (thanks to Chris Cremer for the new Winnipeg logo suite).

Now lets compare it with the logo for the proposed Brisbane Bombers NRL Rugby League franchise. They've gone for a more compressed, detail rich design. The heavy handed shading and bevelled edges to me looks very 90s, and the colour combo looks quite muddy in comparison to Winnipeg's icy hues.

bombers logo

So who nailed it? What do you like or dislike about these two logos? And which one would you rather wear? Keen as always to hear your thoughts.

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