Western Bulldogs New Logo (AFL)

February 6, 2011


western bulldogs

The Western Bulldogs have had their 'robo dog' logo for a while now. While it looks sharp, it's hard for such a flat, stylised design to pack much character. Here's a revamp, based on Footscray's 70s/80s shield that bring back some bite.... the shield's tri-tipped crown and horizontal bars are straight from the VFL design, while I've added a football being guarded at the foot of the bulldog as per older some older logos used by the club (see below) which nicely conveys a sense of pride and intimidation - cross this dog if you dare. The NRL's Canterbury Bulldogs took a similar approach to their great logo redesign a few years back. I went for more of a sculpted look for my bulldog, giving it a bit more of a heroic stature. I think it also stands up OK on its own without the shield as a secondary logo. If you're a Son of the 'Scray then let me know what you think!

EDIT: Big thank you to the Whitten Oval Online Forum for their helpful feedback on this one! Check out their logo discussion thread at the link.

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