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A Trip to NY Giants Stadium

September 5, 2011


ny giants stadium

Saw my very first live NFL game last week on a business trip to NY. It was my first ever trip to the Big Apple, and I'd timed it perfectly to take in my first ever tropical hurricane. After two days stranded in my hotel room surviving off $5 minibar Mars bars and ESPN's blanket coverage of Major League Lacrosse and the Little League World Series I was just about ready to swim to New Jersey to take in the Giants v Jets preseason clash.

meadowlands stadium nj

Giants Stadium, the New Meadowlands, MetLife Stadium, call it what you will. This football fortress is about half an hour by bus from the heart of Manhattan. Conveniently located in the exact middle of nowhere, it felt a bit like traveling out to Waverley - minus the frostbite.

meadowlands stadium

Like a giant toaster, it might seem cold and utilitarian from the outside, but inside this place is a palace. Nice roomy concourses make it a breeze to get around this state of the art stadium quickly, with jumbotron sized screens above the bars to make sure you never miss a minute of play.

meadowlands arena

What impressed me most about the presentation of the game was the way that video was used to enhance every second of the fan experience. Four massive screens ringed the arena, and they were totally devoted to replays, fan engagement an pulsating pump-up montages. Unlike back home where scoreboards spend half the game blasting advertising in your face, here they were ad free, with commercials and scores relegated to the electronic billboard circling the first tier.

The use of video wasn't an afterthought. It was a full scale production designed to elevate the emotional impact of the game. We've only just entered the true video age, where giant wafer thin screens with printed billboard resolution will loom large over our public spaces and be fused into our architecture. Video production and live sports are becoming an ever more seamless entertainment package, and as usual the NFL is at the forefront.

Another great innovation was the constant fan interaction through Twitter with tweets being beamed live to the big screen. Of all the social networking platforms Twitter is the one with the brightest future. It may not be as easily monatarised as the others, but its simplicity and the enthusiasm of its community make me think that Twitter is THE news medium of the new century. The most switched on sporting organizations are well aware of its power and its something that will become more and more wired into mass public spectacles over the coming years.

Overall was really impressed by the atmosphere the NFL have cultivated at their games. Bottom line, it's all about fun and keeping things family friendly. Whereas other leagues look to incrase attendances through discounting and double headers, the NFL is a great example of how increasing the value of the fan experience leads to increased ticket windfalls. Build it and they will come... build it big and they'll come back!

Speaking of big, Big Blue may not have been much chop on the night but the whole event was a winner and well worth every cent.

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