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Anthony Costa is a writer, designer and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. These¬†alternate AFL and NRL football graphics are inspired by his love of heritage sports logos and uniforms. Got a comment or design project? Email Anthony at [email protected].

North Melbourne Football Club

October 16, 2012


north melbourne football club

This North Melbourne Football Club logo recycles the kangaroo I rendered for my Perth rugby league design. The Kangaroos' current badge feels a bit blocky and static. I wanted a free flying, leaping roo. Going back to the classic side-on profile better conveys a sense of motion, and the metallic glaze adds to the fluid feel. Foundation dates on AFL logos are becoming flavour of the month, but I think it's a worthy addition here. As latecomers to the VFL North's history tends to be overlooked a bit. Now that they're committed to staying in Melbourne it's important the club tells the story of just how deep their local roots go. Got a comment or suggestion? Tell me on Twitter: @CostaSports

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