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North Melbourne away jumper (AFL)

December 9, 2009

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north melbourne football club

Had a stab at a North Melbourne away jumper, combining the chevron design that was part of their old away strip with a historic shield logo that comes from a 1944 membership ticket. The aim is to create a design that's stronger than their pale Argentina strip and less cluttered than the recent blue jumper with the current kangaroo logo. Kanga fans, tell us how you're feeling this (special shout out too to Winston for his input).


Anonymous's picture

Looks a lot stronger than the Argie shirt. Good stuff!

Liam Reeves's picture

Personally, I think it's a good design that truly acknowledges the great history of the NMFC, but if the Vee design is a reference to the heritage/away jumper, it needs to be a narrow Vee rather than wide. I see people do this a lot with North Melbourne designs, and it really gets on my nerves to see wide vee jumpers "Based on the 1925 Heritage Design."

JEN DENNIS's picture

your others are fantastic but this one is crap

Jaimie Ryrie's picture

This has a touch of greece about it so they should love it. Really nice and much better than the current design.

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