Costa Sports Logos: Alternate AFL and NRL sportslogos and footy jumpers

Anthony Costa is a writer, designer and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia. His sports branding analysis has been featured on Sports Business InsiderThe AustralianThe Age and Fox Sports These alternate AFL and NRL football graphics are inspired by his love of heritage sportslogos and uniforms. Got a comment or sports related design project? Email Anthony at or chat on Twitter: @CostaSports.



New Carlton Football Logo (AFL)

January 29, 2012

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carlton football

There have been many incarnations of Carlton's historic interlocking CFC monogram. Several years ago the club streamlined the logo, dropping the laurel reef and smoothing out the serifs for a rounder, neater look. It's more modern, but to me it feels a bit too meek for such a proud club. I wanted to create a new Carlton logo that was contemporary yet still posessed a historic grandeur. Strong and sharp, the CFC is chiselled onto a smooth navy blue disc with just a hint of gradient for depth and polish. If you bleed Navy Blue then let me know if this hits the mark.


Adam's picture

Costa, you've outdone yourself again.

Your concepts are ridiculously good man.

Is it OK if I use it for personal use without your logo and copyright stamp in it?

Anthony's picture

Thanks Adam. Can you please PM me about usage? Cheers mate!

Adam's picture

Hi Costa, the request that I made pertaining to the usage of your logo was that I would be using it on a personal level with the soul focus being using it for the ladder egg which will have GWS as the 18th team.

I like to think of it as using it (the logo) as myself giving your website and your designing a massive thumbs up so sort of like an endorsement without the spruiking.

Keep up the good work mate and I shall continually be surprised with your concepts and descriptions.

You have my thumbs firmly up.

Cheers, Adam.

Anthony's picture

Cheers Adam. Personal use sounds fine. Please link back to the page if you're using it online. Thanks!

Sam's picture

It'd be perfect without the gradient and the 3D effect. Other then that, great job.

funny quotes's picture

Good work thumbs up for the creativity :)

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