Melbourne Demons jumper (AFL)

November 17, 2009


melbourne fc

I've never been a fan of Melbourne's squinty Demon away jumper. If clubs are making away jumpers primarily to increase merchandising revenue then I don't get why they opt for such cartoonish designs. At $100+ a pop it takes more than pocket money to buy an official AFL footy jumper these days. What adult wants to fork out that dough for something that resembles a Disney nightie? Here's what I think a Melbourne away jumper should look like. The monogram is taken from a 1946 Melbourne membership ticket. The design is detail rich without being fiddly. Strong, symmetrical, it maintains the traditional Melbourne jumper's key design feature - the big V yoke. If you're a Melbourne supporter I'd be interested to hear if you would consider wearing something like this.

View alternate Demons logo.

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