Classic Brisbane Rugby League Logos

September 15, 2011


fortitude valley diehards

Came across a great YouTube clip found by Broncomum which takes a nostelgic look at the old Brisbane Rugby League comp pre-Broncos.

Unless you were there you'll probably never really get what this league meant to Brisbane and how much passion it sparked. But it looked like a whole lot of fun.

I dug up some of the old logos from the Brisbane comp. There's a bit of a similarity with the 70s VFL shields in that they all have a standardised frame and a similar 70s font. I'd love to find these in colour - can anyone help?


Wynnum-Manly Seagulls








Fortitude Valley Diehards

fortitude valley diehards


Southern Suburbs Magpies

southern suburbs magpies


Redcliffe Dolphins

redcliffe dolphins



Northern Suburbs Devils

northern suburbs devils



Eastern Suburbs Tigers

eastern suburbs tigers



Brisbane Past Brothers

brisbane past brothers


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