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Brisbane Lions new logo (AFL)

November 5, 2009

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The Brisbane Lions

A lot's been said about the new Brisbane Lions logo. I've had a go at sculpting a sharper, more modern design from the classic Fitzroy crest. The approach was inspired by the recent image revamp by the NFL's Detroit Lions. This design maintains the Fitzroy heritage yet gives us a bolder, more defined result. If you're a Roy Boy I'd be interested to hear if this new look gels with you?

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Anonymous's picture

I would have preferred the club went down this road, but I'm ok with the new logo.

Daniel's picture

I recon it looks great mate, if only my club wasn't so stubborn regarding things like this. I would definitely prefer this over the old and new logos.

Mats K's picture

Mate that is brilliant! PLEASE send it to the club.

Ken's picture

Not a Roy boy but love the logo you came up with just on its own!

raybees's picture

Why the hell did they not consider this lion?. Its much better IMO and would not upset any legacy supporters. The lighting and shadows seem to be right. The lion actually looks like it has been done with some thought. Also the jumper as a total package would look much better. Well done.

Roy Fitzlion's picture

I am a Roy Boy but not a Brissie supporter and see that your logo is a great compromise and if the "modernise" arguement is trotted out and a compromise sought......something like this is what I would expect to see.

Anonymous's picture

I wholeheartedly agree - a much better effort than the paddlepop lion the board has had its 'brilliant' marketing people come up with. As a long time member, I think this would be a modern, powerful, fierce, yet historically respectful logo for our mighty lions.

Anonymous's picture

Brilliant work with the lion.

a.toasted.crayon.sandwich's picture


Vinnie Barbarino's picture

Ding Ding Ding.....we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!

Awesome. Heaps better then the current paddlepop lion.

Great work Costa Sports

Tigers of old's picture

Absolutely nailed it with this.

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